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Jess, Jesso, Jessasaur, Bold Font, Boldiam Fontspeare, Bold, God Font, Herr Slickmeister, Slick, Pedestrian X


Anime, Reading fantasy, Fanfiction, MSTing, Playing with Henry McCoy the Computer, Drawing, Painting, Playing Sims, the color purple, limes, Pocky, poutine, online comics, british wit.

A Brief Autobiography

Eh. What is there to say, really?

A lot of my time is spent online...But don't judge me as a vegetable just yet. I do a lot of work on webpages and the like, and I'm currently the maintainer of Fontspace (my personal art site), the House of MST (co-owned by Dissolved Girl, housing our MSTs) Jesa Jaisai's Craft (the homepage of DBZ fanfiction author Jesa Jaisai) as well as my Weblog.

When I Grow Up(tm) I want to be an animator. Some people tell me that I'll get a job in that no problem...However, despite my overlarge ego loving the praise, I know I have a long way to go. ^_^

I'm a seventeen (almost eighteen) year old female Canadian high school graduate and i'm damn proud of it. My spelling leaves much to be desired, but that's what I have my crazy mofo ninja friend Chaos for, ne? I love anime and fantasy novels, and I built my own computer (which takes up an unholy amount of my time). I have a marked fondess for Lobster, as an animal, not as a food.


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