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The pictures on this site are property of Jessica Olsen, unless they are gift art or otherwise noted (fanart). All likenesses, excepting fanart, are mine and I would REALLY appreciate it if you ask before using original characters.

"Can I use your picture on my site?"

All images CAN be used on other sites, but I would like to be asked permission first, and I would like credit for the image somewhere on your page...Be it a link or a note under the picture. I worked hard on all of these, and I don't want to harass people because they're stealing my art.

If you DO use my art on your page, please upload it to your own server. Tripod gives me barely enough bandwith to survive on without people stealing it by directly linking to my images.

"Can I color in *insert picture's name*?"

You CAN color in my line drawings, provided that I can see the finished product, and you give me credit for the original drawing if you are posting it online.

"Can I link here?"

This site is completely link free!! I would appreciate an email telling me where my site is up, but if you don't that's still fine. I have a banner if you want it.




All images are property 2001/2002 to Jessica Olsen and any representations of Jessica Olsen with a valid Canadian ID. Anyone wishing to use said images, who are not Jessica Olsen, and do not have in their posession a valid Canadian Jessica Olsen representation ID, must refer to Image Usage...
...Or Jessica Olsen and/or a Jess representor will eat your spleen.

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